BBC Radio 2 500 Words

Date: 24th Feb 2016 @ 8:46pm

This week we have been working on our 500 word story entries for the BBC Radio 2 competition. Some children have already submitted their entries and the rest will be completed tomorrow. The children have all worked very hard on their stories and hopefully we may even have a winner in our class!

Have a look at some of the children's opening paragraphs...


As the mist swirled around me, I caught a glimpse of someone or something. I called out my voice shaking with fear, but no one replied apart from the wind whistling in the trees. A thousand thoughts raced through my mind. I couldn’t describe how I felt that terrible night. I ran and ran and ran mile after mile after mile. Suddenly I fell that’s all I remember from that terrible night. I have never been to Crystal cove since.

In a regular house, on a regular street lived a girl named Bella, her family called her Bella the ballerina. She loved ballet. Her dream was to become a dancer at the Royal Ballet School. The best ballerinas went there. She was 10 years old and her brothers mike and Alex were both 6 and they just wanted to be dinosaurs when they grow up! Bella went to the village dance school it was good fun but it wasn’t very professional.

Yes I was once like you. I had friends, I was clever, my mum and dad were happy together, I wasn’t naughty at school and I went to amazing activities. Unfortunately, this all changed in an instant. My name is Isabella and this is my story.

It was normal Tuesday morning, or so I thought, and I was in the car with my mum and brother and in almost a second of getting in the car, I went as pale as a polar bear covered in snow and I fainted. All my mum was thinking is that she was going to die on me. Even though my mum still had to take my brave brother to school, she stopped the car and she was screaming for help but sadly no one even bothered to turn round. Scared, worried, fatigued, my mum took her phone and quickly dialled 999. Whilst my mum was waiting for the ambulance to arrive, her hands were trembling and she was biting her nails. While all of this was going on, my brother was comforting me by holding my hand. He told me that he was whispering messages into my ear and was secretly worried about me.





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Sheridan wrote:

What great work! Every one a winner :-) Very keen to learn what happened at the Crystal Cove and more about Isabella's story.

‘Growing and Learning Together’